March 11, 2014

Linking R users by voice

I'm happy to inform you of my new package, yeah!


R users, which include me, are linked through packages uploaded to CRAN, Bioconductor and so on.

We understand each other by using packages and reading source codes.

But I want to get to know each other by a more direct method.

It is through the "voice".

Then I created the yeah package.


This package enables you to listen to the authors' voice of packages.

As for managing sound devices, the yeah package depends on the Bååth's excellent package, pingr.

Before install yeah, You have to install pingr.

After the installation, you just specify the package name which you want to listen to the author's voice of, and type “yeah”.

Then yeah function will play the sound, which stored sounds/yeah.wav.

install_github(c("rasmusab/pingr", "dichika/yeah"))

yeah("yeah")  # play the author's voice of the yeah package

# install_github('dichika/yeah')
yeah("slideshare")  # play the author's voice of the slideshare package

Regrettably, it seems that only a few packages can play yeah

When you create a package, please store your yeah voice as a wave file into the path:“packagename/inst/sounds/yeah.wav”.

I wish many packages would include the author's voice into their own package.

Let's seek and enjoy the author's yeah !!!

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