April 18, 2014

TokyoR #extra 17 April 2014

TokyoR extra#1 17 April 2014
On 17 April 2014, I attended the Tokyo R user group meeting (TokyoR). It was an extra meeting and the first time to welcome a guest from a foreign country. Welcome to Japan, Mr.Gesmann! It was hold at the NIFTY Corporation's office in Shinjuku Tokyo. The session started at 20:00 with three presentations and two lightning talks. All presentation are given in English.

1. Interactive charts with googleVis in R
The first presentation was given by Markus Gesmann, who is the author of googleVis package. When it comes to interactive charts of R, googleVis is very famous package along with rCharts. He presented the abstract and the design of the package. He also introduced new features(It was released few days ago!) I have used the packages so much time that his talk was impressive.

2. Visualization of Supervised Learning with {arules} & {arulesViz}
Takashi J Ozaki talked about the data visualization for association rules. He clearly showed the examples with the packages, arules and aruleVis. At the end of the presentation, he  pointed out the pros and cons about using these packages. They were very impressive to me. Please check out his presentation.

3. Trading volume mapping in recent R environment
@teramonagi gave a talk about trading volume of bitcoins. He had a good command of the recent R packages, dplyr, magrittr, pings, rMaps and so on. In this talk, he referred to the convenience of F# language when he explained the origin of %>% in magrittr package. I hope he would give an insightful talk about F# language in data science.

Lighting talks After three presentations, two lightning talks were given. In only 5 minutes, all presenters talked about impressive contents. I list only titles below. For more details, please check out their blogs and slides.

Salmon Visualization!!! Shota Yasui (@housecat442)
How do you keep our motivation? Daisuke Ichikawa (-> me )

Next Tokyo R
Next meeting is scheduled for 19 April (Tomorrow! Don't miss it!). Thanks to NIFTY Corporation for hosting the event.

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