February 21, 2014

Electrical devices import in Japan

Why vis this?

I heard that import of Japan is increasing in the field of electrical devices (smartphones, solar panels and so on).

I decided to check the actual data and see whether is it true or not.

Trade of Statistics in Japan has a dataset that fits it perfectly


Here's the plot(Y axis: JPY1000000). As statistics of electrical devices, I used the "Computers and units" and "Telephony".

So what?

Electrical device imports, surely, has increased in two years. Exports, in contrast to, is on the downward trend.

Where does Japan import devices from? USA? EU? Asia?

Next time, I will check the region.


dtrade <- read.csv("http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/956851/dtrade.csv", as.is = TRUE)
dtrade$date <- as.Date(dtrade$date)
dtrade$value <- trunc(as.numeric(dtrade$value)/1000)
n1 <- nPlot(data = dtrade, x = "date", y = "value", group = "var", type = "lineChart")
n1$xAxis(tickFormat = "#!function(d) {return d3.time.format('%Y-%b')(new Date( d * 86400000 ));}!#", 
    axisLabel = "date")
n1$show("iframesrc", cdn = TRUE)

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